The Jackson Laboratory Useful Links

Biomolecular Tools

BCM Search Launcher protein and DNA searches, sequence alignment, utilities
BMRB biomecular chemical shifts database at U. Wisc. Madison
British Mass Spectrometry Website links to mass spec apps etc. structures and properties of compounds
Entelechon Bioinformatics Tools (reverse translation tool)
ExPASy Molecular Biology Server (ProtParam tool protein mw, pI, etc.)
GdmCl/urea concentration calculator from Sosnick)
Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes & Genomes
The European Bioinformatics Institute Tools and Databases
The Lab Rat for scientific info - jobs, receipes, protocols, etc.
MyBio.Net links to molecular biology tools on the web
Oligo Analyzer for PCR primer design
Online Analysis Tools DNA & protein sequence analysis
Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools
Protein Prospector Proteomic Tools
Schepartz Lab Biopolymer Calculator updating
Scirus for scientific information searches
Sorvall Rotor Calculator
WebElements online periodic table of the elements
SPHERE a server program for Hydrogen Exchange Rate Estimation