The Jackson Laboratory Useful Links

Software PC

Accelrys ViewerLite biomolecular visualization, good for potential surfaces
Boxshade coloring of multiple sequence alignment files
Chime rendering molecules in IE/Netscape; necessary for Protein Explorer
Chromas DNA sequencing chromatogram viewer for PCs
ClustalX THE multiple sequence alignment program
Cn3D viewer for NCBI Entrez system
Genedoc multiple sequence alignment formatting and analysis
InsightII Reference Manualrequires password
MegaPOV extension to POV-Ray ( MegaPOV 0.7 for POV-Ray 3.1g)
Molmol molecular visualization, especially good for POV-Ray output
NJPlot tree-drawing software
OligoTech from Oligos, etc. oligo analysis package for PC
PAWS protein/peptide mass spec tool
pDRAW32 DNA Strider-like DNA sequence analysis/plotting freeware for PCs
POV-Ray ray tracer for 3D graphics
RasMol 2.6b2 last official release of the molecular viewer
RasMol 2.7 Herbert Bernstein's upgrades of RasMol 2.6
Protein Explorer successor to Rasmol; works with IE and Netscape; requires Chime
Swiss PDB Viewer (Deep View) InsightII-like molecular visualization tool
Treeview tree-drawing software